Cancel The Wedding

Cancel the Wedding: A Novel - Carolyn Dingman

“I took the sharp curve too fast, causing the urn to tumble off of the backseat and roll across the floorboard.”

Olivia has it all, a dream job, loving family, and handsome fiancé.  Her mother then dies of cancer, and she has to come to terms with it.  She and her sister Georgia find out that their mother wants to have her ashes scattered in her hometown, a place that she never talked about or visited since she left.

Olivia and Logan, her teenage niece, goes for a summer trip to the South.  Once she gets there she begins to peel away her mom’s secrets of her early life.  Secrets that make her question everything in her life including marrying her fiancé.

Cancel The Wedding (416 pgs, Harper, August 5, 2014) is Carolyn T. Dingnam’s debut novel.  Her writing can be comparable to Jennifer Weiner, since the novel is emotional and focuses on frustrating family issues.

I really enjoyed getting into the detailed thoughts of Olivia.  It really got me into the emotions of the situations that she encounters.  I also loved the setting of this story, it really goes along with this summer season.

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good emotional women issues.