What I Should Be Doing

I need to stop watching tv and playing SIMs for hours on end and start limiting my time doing those things, so I can do what I really want to do, but tell myself that I don’t have time to do anymore and that is writing.  Since there is nothing really on tonight and the internet is getting boring for some reason tonight I have trolled around my computer and found that I have my writings on here.  I really want to read them but I”m scared at hearing my inner critic, but maybe that is what I need to get my ass in gear and do what I really want to do and that is write.  I actually signed up on a website of writers.


I have given myself so many excuses for why I haven’t been writing or finishing my 3 stories.  “I will get to it when..” pops into my head.  I will get to it when the weekend comes, when I go on vacation, when I get home from work, I will right before bed, I will right after hockey season, I will right after our renovation project.  


Why am I’m not writing about these things while they are happening so I can look back on them and draw inspiration from these experiences when I’m ready to create?


I’m going to challenge myself to write more, edit more proofread more.  Not starting the first of the month or the first of the week, but staring now.  For everyday that I don’t do something to do with writing (not reading other people’s work, but I will still do that because that is where I get a lot of my inspiration as well.), I will put a quarter (.25) into a jar.  I can’t justify one day why I did not write.  When I say write, I mean I need to at least have written 250 words.  Once I have filled the jar I will then donate that money to something stupid, because it is stupid to not write.