Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch

Summer House with Swimming Pool (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series) - Herman Koch

"I am a doctor"


That first sentence doesn't really show the greatness of this book.  Summer House with Swimming Pool (387 pgs, Hogarth, June 3, 2014) is the second book that I've read by Herman Koch.


Marc Schlosser has to hide a medical exam gone wrong of a Ralph Meier, a famous actor.


It really is hard to say more about what the book is about without giving away the surprises that it brings.  Koch has brought back his genius way of blending present events and past events.  He keeps you guessing at what's going to happen next.


I really loved the way that Koch detailed out Schlosser's thoughts.  It was like you totally understood where he was coming from and really makes you agree with him on most of his points.


I would recommend this book to someone that is into the psychological.