That Night by Chevy Stevens

That Night - Chevy Stevens

"I followed the escorting officer over to Admissions and Discharge, carrying my belongings in a cardboard box - a couple pairs of jeans, sone worn-out T-shirts, the few things I'd gathered over the years, some treasured books, my CD player."


Once, Toni Murphy was a normal teenager that had the bad boy boyfriend and thought that her parents were out to ruin her life.


One night her life is turned upside down when she is arrested and convicted for the murder of her sister.


Now she is out on parole and learning to live a new life and trying not think of her past.  but Ryan, her old boyfriend, and fellow convict of the same murder, will not leave her alone in finding the real killer of her sister.


That Night (384 pgs, St. Martin's Press, June 17, 2014) by Chevy Stevens is my first read by this author.  I received this story through NetGalley for a review.


I felt as through that it was similar to Gone Girl in that it was thrilling and not really sure who actually was the killer.  I did think it was who it was, but something happens to make you think otherwise.  The motive was also very surprising.


Steven's really did make the character's come alive through the awesome description of emotion and thought.  She also made the flow of the action move at a good pace.


I would shelve this under New Adult for the heaviness of the sex and drug use.  I would greatly recommend this book for fans of New Adult and books by Gillian Flynn.