Proxy by Alex London

Proxy - Alex London

"Even a perfect machine wasn't built to go this fast."


Knox is from a wealthy family.  A Patron, he gets all the latest and coolest stuff, including a Proxy that pays for all his punishments - including death for murder.


Syd is his Proxy and his life is not his own.


They have more in common than they think, so they get together to beat the system owned by Knox's father.  On their tract they will face huge challenges and rebels.


Proxy (384 pgs, Philomel, June 18, 2013) by Alex London is first in a series with the Proxy/Patron themed world.  It is London's debut novel.  The second book in the series Guardian was release on May 29, 2014.


This book was an interesting idea.  It was well structured and developed, but there was a moment that I stopped to care due to the fact that it seemed that even the characters did not care enough for the cause.