Blur by Steven James

Blur - Steven James

"The first blur occurred at Emily Jackson's funeral."


Daniel Byers is the star football player, who finds himself at a classmate's funeral.  As he approaches Emily Jackson's casket, he swears that she is telling him that her death was not an accident.  She then grabs him and he faints.

When he comes to he is compelled to figure out what happened to Emily even if it seems a bit out there.


Blur (368 pgs, Skyscape, May 27, 2014) is the first in the Blur Trilogy by Steven James.  This is my first James book, and with it being by an author I've not heard a lot about, I was a little on the fence about requesting this book through Netgalley.  Amazingly, I was surprised.


I really liked the way this YA book actually imitates real life.  The teens actually go to school and have parents.  I also fell for the main character, Daniel, because he was strong and willing to stand up for not only himself, but for others.


I would recommend this to anyone getting tired of the Dystopian world.