Life Drawing by Robin Black

Life Drawing - Robin Black

"In the days leading up to my husband Owen's death, he visited Alison's house every afternoon."


Augusta and Owen have moved to the country to leave their past troubles behind and persue their art.  Alison moves in over the hill and befriends the comfortable couple.  Nora, Alison's daughter moves in and their past comes back to haunt them.


Life Drawing (256 pgs, Random House, July 15, 2014) is the debut novel by Robin Black. I received this book through Edeilweiss for an honest review. It was so beautifully detailed that I want it to speak for itself.


"The rhythm of this becomes more frequent, until the clapping and slapping, the odd skirmishes with the invisible, are drowning out the conversation."


The characters were so real with real emotions and real problems.  


I recommend this to anyone that loves realism and great literary story.